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Alice May B. is a freelance artist living in the UK, specialising in illustration and design.

Alice's drive for a future career as an artist began at the tender age of eight, when they vowed that they would never stop drawing until they were able to faithfully recreate/ reinterpret their favourite cartoon characters and species of dragons.

A deep love of psychedelic and traditional fantasy, as well as of the occult, has an important influence on the working output of Alice – better as ‘Goatshrine’. Their pieces host a myriad of mythical creatures inspired by those interests. Their other topics of note, inherent in their work, may also include: Japanese alternative fashion, the Vaporwave music scene and Science Fiction.

Within their studio, Alice utilises a wide range of equipment and techniques in order to create mixed media pieces using a wide array of different types of pencils, water colour, pastel, as well as digital editing and painting.

In 2017, a considerable amount of years after having set out to be an artist, they had graduated from The Northern School of Art (CCAD) with a BA degree in ‘Illustration for Commercial Application’, a course which sets itself apart from many by focusing on the professional approach to being a working illustrator. They are currently (and tirelessly) working on their portfolio, in preparation for an entry into the arts industry. With a wide array of sights set in mind, they dream of one day being given the opportunity to create fantasy illustrations and concepts for video games, board games, art books and artwork for Psychedelic Rock groups, among many, many other things.

For any questions or work inquiries, please email at