Spells are the primary basis of warfare within the game, whether they are aggressive, tactical or are otherwise used to create a creature that can attack and/or defend. Thus, each spell falls into one of the four categories: creature spells, offensive spells (a spell that, when cast over the target or area, harms enemies - such as Fireball and Thunderstorm) enchantment spells (casts a state or effect over the target, such as Excalibur and Invisibility) and totem spells (a statue placed in a strategic spot which causes an effect, such as The Fountain of Life and Guardian). These are the standard definitions that spells will fall into, in some way or another - and of course there can be some cross-over with certain spells.

Casting spells requires Mana, and can only be done when a sufficient amount is charged up. This is done by allowing your wizard or creature to locate and stand on a Place of Power, a type of circular vent that allows the naturally occurring mana within the earth to be channeled to your wizard. It can also be found in a smaller, more concerntrated form such as Sprites. Many smaller and simpler spells do not require large amounts of mana, where as large and powerful creatures for instance, need considerably more in order to be summoned.

The casting of a spell as depicted in the Grimoire. In this case, summoning a Brownie.

The casting of a spell as depicted in the Grimoire. In this case, summoning a Brownie.

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As mentioned in my previous blog post on The Portmanteau, every spell is connected to one of the three alignments and then selected from its talisman icon. Although it was very briefly touched upon in game, I would like to explore and expand on the idea of certain spells and thier symbols not always being able to mix with one another and the possibility of certain advantages and disadvantages that come into play when the alignments cross paths. The relationship of the alignments was touched up slightly further in The Art of Magic, which introduced a triangular slider in the portmanteu which allowed you to boost your focus towards towards a certain alignment at the expense of others.

Spells in Magic and Mayhem 

Law | Brimstone
A basic healing spell. Returns a chunk of health to yourself and allies as well as curing any ailments such as poison.

Raise Dead
Chaos | Brimstone
Will resurrect the dead if cast on slain creatures or tombstones.

Lightning Strike
Neutral | Hemlock
A concentrated, powerful strike of lighting that can destroy totems and statues, such as fountains.

Tangling Vine
Chaos | Laurel
Creates a temporary wall of vines to block the enemy.

Neutral | Belladonna
Creates a temporary wall of vines to block the enemy.

Lucifer's Farewell
Chaos | Phosphorous
A powerful spell which turns a creature into a ticking timebomb.

Chain Lightning
Neutral | Mistletoe
A powerful bolt of lightning jumps from one target to another in close range.

Law | Iron
Any undead creatures caught in the line of this spell are threatened to be sent back to the grave.

Law | Salamander's Feather
Grants the target a temporary flying contraption.

Law | Silver
An extremely powerful spell that destroys any creature that does not pass its test.


Neutral | Brimstone
A cheap and effective early offensive spell. Weak alone but powerful in moderation.

Magic Sphere
Neutral | Tincal
Creates a projectile that ricochets off walls.

Law | Laurel
Bestows a creature or wizard with the added bonus of a magical sword.

Law | Valerian
Attracts all creatures attention to attack the target, friend or foe.

Neutral | Phosphorous
Temporarily gives the target a burst of speed

Gooey Blob
Chaos | Mistletoe
Creates a sea of slime which hurts and impedes any creatures caught in it.

Totem of Fear
Chaos | Cauldronius
A statue which repels any creatures that come near.

Neutral | Zircon
Grants the target temporary invisibility.

Magic Mist
Neutral | Iron
A mist confuses and disorientates any creatures caught in it.

Neutral | Silver
Allows a wizard to teleport to nearby location on the map.



Gorgon Stare
Chaos | Tincal
Summon the eyes of Medusa to temporarily turn an enemy to stone.

Fountain of Life
Law | Hemlock
Creates a fountain that restores a small amount of health to friendly creatures over a period of time.

Meteor Shower
Neutral | Laurel
A shower of meteors rain down over a select area for a limited amount of time.

Neutral | Valerian
Cause flying creatures to plummet to earth.

Chaos | Belladonna
A large tornado sucks up any creature in its path, and sends it scattering over the map.

Law | Cauldronius
Creates a statue of a beautiful woman, causing all creatures to become distracted by it.

Chaos | Salamander's Feather
A burst of fire which will spread across flammable terrain.

Neutral | Salamander's Feather
Casts a thunderstorm over the area.

Chaos | Zircon
Confuse the enemy by creating multiple copies of yourself.

Neutral | Sardonyx
Sends a creature back into limbo, and regains the mana used.

Iron Skin
Law | Tincal
Creates a temporary protective armor for the wearer.

Chaos | Hemlock
Creates a totem of disease and decay, infecting any creature or wizard that comes near.

Chaos | Valerian
Temporarily imbues a creature with a viciously higher attack.

Law | Belladonna
A gust of wind temporarily slows down any creatures caught in it.

Law | Phosphorous
Attempts to subvert a creature to your side. The success rate depends on the creature's intelligence.

Scythian Bow
Law | Mistletoe
Like Excalibur, bestows a long-range bow to help the target.

Neutral | Cauldronius
A tall totem which zaps any creature that gets too close.

Law | Zircon
Removes any magical enchantments a creature my have, such as Haste, Excalibur or Lure.

Chaos | Iron
Enemy creatures feel the temporary effects of the Totem of Fear.

Chaos | Silver
Creates a huge explosion, destroying any totems or terrain that may get in the way. 

In my notes, I have selected an array of spells I would consider keeping as some of them help to make Magic and Mayhem what it is, and give the right feel of the game. Others because of their effectiveness and the crucial role they play in any RPG, such as Cure and Haste. In Magic and Mayhem, there was a very even split between ingredients that produced spells and those that produced creatures. With the exception of Sardonyx, all ingredients produced either three spells or three creatures when placed in any talisman. They were often rigid in their themes, such as Cauldronius producing three totems and Belladonna producing three spells that focus on air. 

In The Art of Magic, that completely changed where spells and creatures were mixed in with one another in the same ingredient. As some one who has played the first game many more times, this opens up some interesting and more difficult new choices, as you aren't necessarily guaranteed to get something with that theme when you pick the spell. I think a combination of the two would be very interesting.

- Alice May B.