The Journey Begins

Hello! I am Alice, or Goatshrine as you might know me, a 24 year old artist living in the UK specializing in illustration.

And I have an exciting announcement to make: I’m going to try and make a game. It sounds so crazy when you say it out loud, this has been a pipe dream that has been swirling around in my head for about the past decade or so and it always seemed too big, too ridiculous to become any sort of reality. The idea of making a revamp or a remake of sorts, a spiritual successor to my favorite game. But it started to seem like it could become possible in more recent years – retro games resurfacing due to a huge community of passionate fans, spiritual successor type games, such as War for the Overworld being made because people wanted more from their old, beloved games so badly.

My old beloved game at the center of all this, is Magic and Mayhem (aka Duel: The Mage Wars). An RPG game developed in 1998 by Mythos Games that, despite its many charming qualities and unique elements, never saw success or popularity. While it received positive reviews and enjoyed by those who played it, it was ultimately a game that was largely forgotten. It received a lackluster sequel in 2001, The Art of Magic in the hands of a different studio, Bethesda Software, that is slightly more well remembered.

While I know that creating games takes an enormous amount work and skills in areas I simply do not have, what I do have to offer is my ideas, my in-depth understanding of the original game and conceptual artwork, all of which I plan to share on this blog, in hopes that one day, if I am able to get this project off the ground, there will be this collection of work to show potential collaborators.

Expect to see artwork, excerpts from my journal and world building as I try to revive and reshape the story of this underappreciated game!

-Alice May B.